When I think of the world première of the soon-to-be released Sex and the City movie, I think major... fashion... event. According to the Mirror, the cast of SATC are up in arms over who is going to wear which designer to the film's début. The paper reports that Sarah Jessica Parker has been "inundated with more offers of designer gear than you can throw a Manolo Blahnik shoe at," leaving her co-stars green with envy.

satctravelcompany.jpgIn fact, it claims that she has even been bribed by one fashion house with money (and not just small fry either, £2 million to be exact), with another label offering to dress her son for life.

A source has revealed that Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, have even threatened not to turn up to the première in New York.

"There is huge rivalry about who is wearing what. It's insane. And the film's stylist Patricia Field is stuck in the middle because everyone keeps secretly asking her who is wearing what. They are determined not to be outdone by each other," they said.

>>> In other news, a New York travel company is giving SATC fans the opportunity to live like one of the stars for five days. For the pretty penny of £12,000 they will be flown to Manhattan to attend the film's première, as well as whisked around town to all the hottest shops, clubs and restaurants. Those who take up the special package will also be provided with their very own stylist and given other bonuses such as boutique gift cards. Click here to read more.

Now if only I had a handy £12k in my back pocket...

[Image: SATC movie blog]