British soap, Coronation Street, has been blamed for poor rag trader recruitment by New Zealand fashion leaders for their industries difficulty in recruiting young staff. New Zealand may be over 24 hours plane ride away from England, but it hasn't stopped a report being released to the media today where "key rag trade participants say the show's underwear factory, which frequently shows often older and unskilled workers gossiping and trying to look busy, undermines their attempts to get young people into the trade."

According to Paul Adriaens, managing director of Cotura Fashions- said recruitment problems left him with an ageing workforce. His womenswear company employs about 20 people to make clothes but has very few young people applying for roles with his business as Coronation Street is about the "only thing" young people see of the industry.

"The image needs changing. People need to learn that it is not like Coronation Street and there are very good opportunities and career paths."

Do you watch Coronation Street, if so, do would you work in a fashion manufacturing factory?