Surely not.

While I admit I'd have no hesitation in be ringing every PR in town to blag tickets, before eventually resorting to scrambling over crowd barriers at the première, probably held at Leicester Square, it just doesn't seem right to me. Sex and City is New York. It was born in New York, found success in New York and continues to reflect the lives and loves of New Yorkers a decade on. But fresh rumours are circulating that the new SATC movie world première is being scheduled for London and not the Big Apple. My only question is why?

According to LA Times Dish Rag columnist Elizabeth Snead, the issue regarding where to host the première is based on where its leading ladies will be at the time. Whispers that it might take place at Cannes Film Festival have finally been denied, but New York is not out of the running completely.

"We are still trying to figure this all out, " an inside source said. "It changes from day-to-day. And it just depends on where everyone is going to be. There are way too many cooks in the kitchen right now."

A SATC movie press junket will take place 2nd-4th May in New York, with talks of holding the New York première following the one in London.

With the event date slated for the 12th May, you would think they'd have all this sorted by now, wouldn't you? Either that or it is just even more publicity, like it is needed!

[Source / Image: SATC movie blog]