vintage dresses pick spring.JPG
I'm a winter denier, in my mind if the calendar says it's spring then spring it is and it's time for dresses! Worn with tights and a cute cardie it's never too soon to crack out the gowns. Vintage is a good way to go for dresses, as you can find something really special, and even if you take into account shipping (as most vintage sites are US-based) you've still got yourself a bargain.

Starting from the left, the silk dress with belt is a total showstopper and the neckline is fabulous. The pretty floral dress in the centre will look great belted with an oversize cardie and the polka dot dress is so perfect it can be worn all on its own.

Reconstructed silk dress, Lois Lane Vintage: $80. Peacock dress, Peppermint Vintage: $25. Polka dot dress, Penelope Pups Vintage: $20.