peachesshopliftvictim.jpgOops! Peaches Geldof is in a spot of bother after she inadvertently shop-lifted at a store in Carnaby Street last Thursday night.

The so-called 'Boomtown Brat' caused havoc at the Victim boutique when she left the store with a £500 designer dress under her arm, without paying for it.

According to the Sun, Geldof introduced herself to the designer, Mei Hui Liu, then said she would be back later before walking out with a business card and the dress.

"We were really busy preparing for an important fashion show and the shop was a bit of a mess," said Hui Liu.

"Peaches introduced herself and said she thought my designs were really pretty. She took a business card and walked out. That's when we realised one of the dresses was gone."

Once it was discovered that Geldof had the dress, the aspiring DJ returned it to the store explaining that it she had picked up by mistake because it was the same colour as her scarf.

The dress in question, a one-off cream vintage silk design, was a key piece in the designer's upcoming fashion show. Upon being returned by Peaches, it was discovered that the label had been ripped off, her assistant paid for the dress and the matter was resolved.

"It was quite upsetting because I have been working really hard for weeks preparing for the show and she just walked out with one of the best pieces," added the boutique's designer.

This is the second time that the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof has been caught with a five finger discount. In 2006, she was accused of shoplifting when she allegedly took a coat from Urban Outfitters. She was allowed to leave on the promise of returning to pay for the item.

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