79728232.jpgSupermodel Naomi Campbell is in hot water again with the authorities after she was arrested at Heathrow Airport yesterday.

She was taken away in hand-cuffs and escorted off the L.A.-bound plane on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. It is believed that an argument began with staff on-board the British Airways flight when she tried to bring too many bags onto the aircraft.

The police were called to the 'disturbance' at Terminal Five, resulting in one of the officers being spat on by the 37-year-old. She was taken into the airport's police stationed and questioned.

Campbell's publicist, Selina Aponte, was seen leaving Heathrow's police station just before 10pm last night, but told reporters that she had not seen Campbell, who was due to fly to Los Angeles.

"We have all seen the reports but I don't know anything," Aponte said. "Naomi was flying to L.A. She has family and friends over there and is always going over."

Last year, the London-born model famously completed a stint in community service, after pleading guilty to assaulting her maid with a mobile phone. She was also ordered to attend a two-day anger-management program.

Perhaps two days just wasn't enough...

[Source / Image: Getty]