It seems that if you're a supermodel, the more naughty things you get up to, the more you are rewarded for them (i.e. Kate Moss and that cocaine business). Naomi Campbell is another who, after being arrested last month, has only gone from strength-to-strength career-wise. Not only is Stefano Pilati sticking with her on his forthcoming YSL campaign, but the troubled model has just landed herself a guest role in the season finale of Ugly Betty... Whatever happened to good deeds being rewarded, huh?

According to Ugly Betty actress Becki Newton, who plays 'Mode' receptionist Amanda Summers, Campbell will star in the final episode but exactly who she will play or what she will be doing is unclear.

"She's going to be in our last episode, which is exciting," Newton told reporters. "I've personally requested that I don't stand next to her because Amanda would not like to be seen with such a tall, pretty person."

Campbell follows in the footsteps of fellow Brit Victoria Beckham, who made a cameo appearance on the US TV series last year.

I can see Naomi playing a feisty supermodel who throws a diva-like tantrum and hurls her mobile phone at Amanda in a fit of rage. That shouldn't be too much of a stretch for Noams... what do you think?