78123586.jpgJust days after we told you that Mel B had signed on to become the new face of Ultimo, the Spice Girl has launched a new range of clothing called Catty Couture. Nope, this isn't a joke!

Following in the fashion footpath of fellow Spicie, Victoria Beckham, Mel B previewed her new autumn '08 range, alongside her hubby Stephen Belafonte, in L.A. yesterday.

"I'm so excited! It got pulled together quickly, really quickly. To actually see it, yeah, [it is] amazing," she told PEOPLE.

Just as you would imagine, the collection doesn't sound terribly promising, featuring high waisted skirts, leggings (wtf?) tank tops and of course, a zoo's worth of leopard print.

Scary Spice's star rose in the U.S. last year with her performance on Dancing With The Stars, so it's no wonder she decided to debut her range Stateside first. But if you ask me, I am rather hoping that she keeps it there. Miaow!

[Source / Image: Getty]