The best news I've heard, well, today: London will be getting its very own Marc by Marc Jacobs store next year! The buzz is it will be situated on South Audley Street (so a convenient hop skip and a jump away from the Marc Jacobs boutique on Mount Street).

Meanwhile, the man himself has been featured in a 6-page spread in The New York Times T:Style magazine alongside French actress Elodie Bouchez (see above). No matter where you sit on the MJ love-o-meter, if there's one thing you can say about Mr Marc Jacobs: the man is definitely not boring. The blue hair and Spongebob Squarepants tattoo is testament to that.

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In the feature, Jacobs tells the mag of his respect for Elodie, gets deep on the subject of using creative license and gives us this interesting insight into his pysche: "I've never wanted to be a woman, but I think all the things that make up a girl's rituals are beautiful, and I attach a lot of romance to them. I always insist that clothes aren't sexy - women are."


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