You could argue that Kylie Minogue is quickly rivalling Madonna in the pop star reinvention stakes. The Aussie singer has just unveiled a completely new look - that of a Japanese geisha - to promote her forthcoming world tour - KylieX2008. But what exactly do you think of her new transformation?


Since the release of the movie adaptation of Memoirs of a Geisha in 2005, we have seen a sudden interest in this traditional Japanese costume. The look was also recently reinvented by the likes of Kelly Osbourne for a bizarre documentary that she did for ITV2, which I am still trying to figure out.

A few years later and Minogue has decided to don a kimono in preparation of her next global tour, which will mark the first since her battle with breast cancer. After yet another failed crack at the US, she is said to have abandoned her plans to conquer the States all together.

"I gave it my best shot. I won't try again," she reportedly told a friend.

talkbubblecommentime.jpgWhat do you think of this new image? Does it suit Kylie or is it too much? Tell us by leaving your comments below.