80913636.jpgIt wouldn't be fashion week without some form of political-type drama and this time it has landed on the shoulders of New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester.

Sylvester has been forced to apologise to returned serviceman after she was accused of insulting them by sending models down her catwalk wearing war medals at Australian Fashion Week.

Her show titled Royally Screwed, was meant to poke fun at the young Royal brat pack, but instead was seen as an insult by the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Her show, held on Tuesday, featured models wearing dishevelled, military-type uniforms, draped in flags and bearing imitation medals from various war campaigns.

"There was no intention of showing disrespect for returned servicemen, for whom I have the deepest amount of respect. I sincerely apologise to anyone I may have unwittingly offended," Sylvester said in a statement.

Nevertheless, the display of medals in Sylvester's show was described as "appalling and sickening" by Derek Robson, National secretary of Australia's Returned and Services League (RSL).

"I am appalled on behalf of those who have committed so much. To do something so flippant and dismissive is unfathomable," he added.

[Source / Image: Getty]