katemossapsecondchance.jpgUPDATE: It's true, Kate Moss is returning to Agent Provocateur. Vogue confirmed it yesterday so it must be true. A spokesperson for AP said yesterday that Moss has already been photographed by Nick Knight for their new bridal range. The campaign will be launched next month. Kate as a bride? Can't wait!

What the bejesus is going on over at Agent Provocateur at the moment (besides nipple tassels on Marble Arch)?

First of all we hear that Kate Moss has been dropped from the lingerie label, after her relationship with co-owner Serena Rees turned sour. Then Maggie Gyllenhaal gets a go in the knickers spotlight, followed shortly by Daisy Lowe.

There were those recent rumours that Lily Allen would become the new face of AP, but those turned out to be false. And now I am hearing that things have come full circle with Kate Moss back in the hot seat, after being offered a second chance to front the brand that axed her contract...

What the ****?

The Daily Mail is reporting that a year after losing her contract with AP, Kate Moss has patched things up with Rees and has been invited to front the label's new bridal campaign.

According to the article, Moss has already shot the campaign photos before flying out to the US on holiday with her daughter Lila last week.

"Kate is great friends with Joe Corre, the company co-director," a source told the paper. "She's in and out of the offices quite a lot to see him."

Don't worry, we are just as confused as you are!