A year on from opening their first UK store, and Abercrombie & Fitch are turning up the heat with the relaunch of their racy A&F Quarterly magazine. The controversial publication was canned in America in 2002 after four US states threatened legal action over its content which contained, well... very little clothes at all really. Now it's about to be reborn again, not in the US but right here in London...

If you're unfamiliar with A&F then the covers pictured above, particularly the one from its 2002 spring issue (above, left) pretty much sums it up - lots and lots of beefcake. Needless to say, it was a mega hit amongst the gay community, with the occasional breast-baring lass thrown in for good measure.

So now the folks over at Abercrombie & Fit... I mean, Fitch are intent on bringing a bit of all-American nudity to London, only this time they're calling it art. Photographed by long-time A&F snapper Bruce Weber, the new A&F magalogue (a combination of catalog and magazine) will be sold for around £100 a pop.

That seems a pretty hefty price to pay, but at a time when in-house fashion titles are "having a moment" it could actually be interpreted as a savvy marketing strategy. Especially when the bosses over at Abercrombie on Saville Row are expecting a "queue party" this Saturday for the official launch of the new A&F Quarterly.

Just think of what other fashion brands are launching their own magazines at the moment - Uniqlo, H&M, COS and Howies. That other Swedish company Acne, recently celebrated the sixth issue of its bi-annual Acne Paper, a glossy mix of fashion shoots and essays, at a swanky bash at Claridges. Inside its latest edition, you can even find an edit from Christian Lacroix, and here I was thinking that it was just about the brand...

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