From the Abi Silvester, the editor of our eco-friendly sister site Hippyshopper...

I was about to start writing a glowing review of the BBC's new online ethical fashion site Thread, when I was handed not one, but two of the more sizeable envelopes I've ever seen, containing promotional material on the site. Here I am hiding behind one to give you an idea of scale!

I can't help being surprised at the Beeb here. The magazine inside was 100% recycled, so good on them for checking that detail, but the envelopes were clearly virgin paper... And HUGE!

Still, we couldn't miss it. Follow the jump for some info on the site...


was launched on the back of research that shows ethical fashion is no longer a 'fringe' movement, yet many younger shopper still don't know where to get information on issues like working conditions and recycling.

Browsing the site, you'll find out how to find clothing that's been made ethically and with concern for the environment, with useful info on checking labels to find out about a garment's ethical record, and A to Z of ethical fashion and a list of ethical organisations.

The slick design makes the site a lot of fun to use, and it will definitely appeal to young, fashion-minded people. It's also a great way to showcase some of the up and coming designers out there who are blazing a trail in eco-fabulous fashion. I like the mix of information and fun features here, and I'm sure the site will do well. It's just a bit of a shame about the amount of paper they used promoting it.

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CQ ed's note:
You must also check out the BBC's new four-part series, Blood, Sweat and T-shirts - which sends six young fashion lovers to India to work as factory workers in clothing sweatshops.

Sounds oddly similar to the new Channel 4 reality show, starring Alexa Chung, doesn't it? Only couldn't Channel 4 afford to send Chung to India?