gemnewcol.jpgI'm feeling a bit hard done by at the moment when it comes to shopping. Wandering around the shops I have to resist the urge to flick through the rails going "blah blah blah, blah blah blah."

I've bought the odd thing. A tea dress here, a chiffon blouse there, but all in all, I'm finding myself a bit bored when I should be deliriously happy. There's a girly, frilly feel to the high street collections this season, and we all know I love a bit of that. But perhaps that's half the problem? This time last year I had a great time searching for little floral dresses and cute little cardigans. Now I can't move for them. It seems like every shop going has looked at the Luella 'Ghost World' show and decided that's all we needed for Summer.

I'm not complaining about that, exactly. I thought the Luella show was one of the highlights of London Fashion Week, and I've been looking longingly at the batman tee in Urban Outfitters for months, trying to decide if I can get away with it even though yellow makes me look ill...surely topped with my Stella for H&M tuxedo jacket (still an absolute staple of mine three years on) and teamed with a floral skirt it won't be too bad?

Teaming girly with geeky and calling it a 'trend' is a little bit like cutting me open and looking right into my soul. That's what I do. It's what I've done for a long time. Sure, I mess around with trends, I try out sexier looks, I even have a go at something a bit preppier and masculine from time to time. But I always return to pretty, printed and feminine in the end, giving it a geeky twist to stop me looking like a grown-up Barbie doll.

Sadly, dressing like yourself loses its appeal when everyone else is doing it too, and looking better. Even Ali Hilfiger - who should really be queen of prep considering who her father is - has embraced her inner geek. Or, you know, created her out of thin air because she's stylish this season.

I think the problem is that for me, the thrill in shopping is searching for that one perfect item. The things I wear time and time again are rarely real trend pieces. They're just random items that jump out at me and scream 'buy me, lady! I will make you complete'.

Sadly, because this season's high street trends have tapped into the looks I love, no longer will I be able to swipe that last printed dress in H&M or raid Topshop's clearance rails for the items that were a bit stuffy for 'usual' shoppers. Nope, I'll be the girl in the same silk tea dress from New Look that everyone else is wearing.

Just remember I saw it first!

Gemma Cartwright is really not looking forward to Autumn, when her trademark look will be 'sooo last season'.