Little by little we are being fed more about the upcoming Sex and the City film, with director Michael Patrick King finally giving us a taste of what to expect. The most recent bit of goss is who will be featured in the film's soundtrack, which he spilled the details on last week...

Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas has scored the top job by recording a song for the film's opening sequence.

"It's called 'Labels & Love,' " King revealed to EW.com. "It's an entirely new song with lyrics, but it has the Sex and the City theme as the DNA -- on steroids."

Initially it was feared that Fergie would be too busy to be involved, however when she was shown the movie, she reportedly changed her mind.

No surprises who the second songstress to be featured is - Jennifer Hudson. She also stars in the film with a small role as Carrie's new personal assistant, Louise. She has laid down a track for the film called 'All Dressed Up in Love,' written by MC Jack Splash and Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo, which plays during the final credits.

If you are simply fed up with waiting for the film's release then the New York Post has published a piece with the most spoilers to date - click here if you dare!

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