Imitation is suppose to be the sincerest form of flattery, but I wonder what Dita von Teese would think of Evan Rachel Wood (in an amazing Oscar de la Renta dress) sporting a very similar look to hers? It's not like it's a bit coincidence, the pair have had (or are having) dalliances with Marilyn Manson, and both were wholesome American girls once upon a time. Now Evan is sporting black locks, perfectly painted lips and very pale skin much like Dita herself. Does coming into contact with Manson mean you banish your blonde looks for something gothic and dark, just like the rocker? Does a girl lose her own identity, or create a new identity, when she "falls for" a new guy? Another example is Paris Hilton, who seems to have lost her glamorous every day clothes for grungier rock-chick style pieces since she hooked up with one of the Madden boys.

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