kimcolumnpic.jpgKimberley Foster writes...

I am probably going to sound like an overprotective mother when I say this, but here goes - lay off Agyness Deyn already!

In what might be considered a case of tall-poppy syndrome (haven't we learnt our lesson with Britney?) some media outlets have already begun predicting the demise of Deyn. As they continuously remind us: she is "the next Kate Moss"... yawn!

80496444.jpgThe fuss all started when the Daily Mail reported that the pixie-cropped model has decided to 'book a detox', worried that her 'drinking sessions and late nights may eventually ruin her youthful looks'. That detox, is in fact, a two-week backpacking holiday with pals around Europe... erm... so what? The poor gal deserves a break doesn't she?

As much as I love seeing her pop up here and there at different events and, of course, doing her thing in front of the cameras for Reebok and New Look, she is actually entitled to a holiday. The fashion world surely won't self-combust if Agy doesn't make an appearance at a party or store launch for a few weeks. At least I hope not anyway...

I suppose it's not the 'detox' that's got the papers worried, with Kate Moss away too (she's in the US with her daughter), what will they have to write about?

I have my own set of predictions - Coleen McLoughlin's wedding plans, Coleen McLoughlin's wedding plans and Coleen McLoughlin's wedding plans - can't wait!

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