Picture this: Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in a body-hugging, possibly cleavage-baring, thigh-revealing Versace dress (safety pins optional). Is this the image you have of a woman in politics or power? Well, whether you agree or not, if Donatella had her way, the former first lady could very well be wearing one of these floor-skimming frocks instead of the "power" suits she has taken to wearing. Attending the White House Correspondents' dinner on Saturday evening, the famed designer said: "Hillary should wear Versace - a dress, not trousers. She doesn't need to wear trousers to show she's strong."

What do you think?

Ms Versace wasn't shy about voicing her feelings about President Bush either, saying: "I'm happy to see Bush go; I'm very proud of Mrs Clinton. To have a woman president would be amazing... but I also like what Obama says."

Host Dubya, for his part, kept up the banter. Upon hearing Versace was in attendance, he jokingly commented of his daughter's upcoming nuptials, "That's nice, but Jenna's still wearing Oscar de la Renta."

[source / Images: Getty]