Did you miss the boat and not do anything green for Earth Day yesterday? Some green goddesses might have bought an organic shopper or done a Bette Midler by planting a tree but here's a new idea for you and one which you can do any day of the year: recycle your bra!

We understand it's not something you'd normally think to do... we're as guilty as the next person of squirreling away our old undergarments until we finally get around to biffing them in the bin.

But bras are one of the most in-demand items in third world countries, so you may want to rethink that once-every-five-years undie drawer cleanout!

Once you've nominated your castoffs, take them down to Oxfam where they can forward the bras to Oxfam's recycling plant Wastesaver. From there, they can either recycle the fabric or put them in the hands of traders who wing them over to developing countries where apparently bras are welcomed with open arms.

According to Tony Clark, general manager at Wastersaver: "Bras are the most desirable item we get. They are technically difficult to make and those from here are considered to be of superior quality in the developing world."

Who knew your favourite M&S bra circa 1998 would get a second wind?

[via: Times Online]

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