votereaderpoll.jpgIt's a good question - should magazines be asked to declare if an image has been altered inside their publication?

If you want my opinion, then that would probably mean declaring it on every page. After all, we weren't born yesterday... most of us realise that what we see posing back at us inside the glossies all polished and perfect isn't the real deal.

Airbrushing, digital manipulation, 'touching up' - whatever you want to call it, it's a huge part of the mag trade but is it time that we got tougher on this industry?

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Following the Model Health Inquiry published last December, the British Fashion Council (BFC) scheduled a meeting with the UK's Periodical Publishers Association to discuss the use of digital enhancements in fashion photography.

While it is simply a chance for both sides to air their views, the BFC will highlight the need to implement guidelines to govern the use of airbrushing in magazines. As such, the suggestion to declare when an image in a magazine has been altered, will be put forward.

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