velvetdeluxe.jpgSometimes I do stupid things. I buy designer jeans that don't fit because they're cheap and I stupidly think I'll actually lose weight (hello, Friday afternoon doughnut). I go to work in shoes that hurt my feet because I don't think I'll be doing much walking. This is always on days when I've conveniently forgotten a Very Important Meeting on the other side of town.

And sometimes, I think it'll be really worthwhile to spend almost £20 on one pair of tights. You see, I wear black opaques almost every day. I also rip the cheap ones constantly. A long time ago, a tights expert (they exist!) told me Wolford Velvet Deluxe tights would change my world. At £17, they'd better. I'm still wearing ones from Primark. So I need your help. Are they worth it, or am I wasting my money? Vote under the jump, fashion fans!