fendimopedcaught.jpgThe moped bandits, who have been terrorising London's fashion community for months, have been caught on camera by paparazzi.

Two of the thieves were snapped by photographers as they fled on motorcycles clutching designer handbags stolen from the Fendi store on Sloane Street.

Six thieves in total were involved on the raid overnight stealing handbags worth tens of thousands of pounds.

A group of paparazzi, who were gathered outside the Cipriani restaurant hoping to get some shots of Rebecca Loos, soon found themselves caught up in the drama. One witness said: "They must have had 20 to 30 bags each. Some were hanging off the bottom of the bikes. You wouldn't believe the speed they were going at."

The raid comes less than a month after the Salvatore Ferragamo store was hit. Lets hope that these latest pictures will finally put an end to the moped gang once and for all. Click here to check them out for yourself.

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