Yowzers! Now is that a playsuit or what?!

The playsuit debate (as in 'to wear or not to wear') has raged on for ages. Me, I'm not one to shy away from a playsuit (in fact, confession: I may even own one or two!) So it takes a really 'out-there' suit to make my jaw drop and have me contemplating whether I'd actually give it a try.

This Miss Sixty one did just that, with its immediate wow-factor (although it could've possibly been as in 'wow, I will really need to work out madly between now and summer to pull this baby off'.)

I think it's a great beach cover-up (just chuck it on over your bikini and you're away), but also a fun day outfit if you add a plain white vest top underneath and some bright flip-flops. For the truly courageous, it's a hot evening look with some mega-high heels and Farrah Fawcett hair. Gym body target met, I may even be tempted to give it a go...

It's £85 from asos.com.