80095297.jpgWhether deliberate or not, this whole 'I'm-a-star-so-therefore-I-should-do-a- range-of-clothes' excuse is wearing really thin. Funnily enough, WWD ran a big mother of an article about this same issue just yesterday.

While for some, I can see how making the next step into the rag trade is a logical one, for others I find myself constantly muttering "why? Must you really? Who are you exactly?".

This is why I can barely even be bothered writing about Ashlee Simpson launching a collection of clothing for US retailer Wet Seal.

The collection of tops features artwork from Simpson's latest album, Bittersweet World, due out later this month.

Say what you like about it, but it isn't quite Nordstrom is it...

[Source via Fashionista / Image: Getty]