socialnetworking.jpgI'm not going to lie. We get around. There aren't many jobs that actively encourage social networking, so I've always taken advantage of it. CQ and Shiny Fashion can be found everywhere from MySpace to Twitter, and if you're interested in what goes on behind the scenes of a blog like this, they're definitely the places to go. Here's a full list of where the girls and I waste our time promote all things Shiny Fashion...

Catwalk Queen on Twitter
Shiny Fashion on MySpace
Catwalk Queen's Facebook Group (complete with grammatically incorrect name)
Catwalk Queen's StyleMob (we will update more, promise)
Gemma's page on
Gemma's page on
Gemma's page on

Be sure to add us if you're on any of those sites*, as we often run extra competitions and dish out extra tips through our profiles. We're also taking part a bit of an unspoken competition with Shiny Shiny to see who has the most friends / fans. Susi is away until after Easter so it's a good time for me to sneak into the lead. Go on, you know you want to!

* Best not add my personal facebook profile though, you don't need to see those photos!