If money were no object, which designer's wares would you love to get your paws on? I think I'd be all about Prada, Balenciaga and perhaps a bit of Chanel thrown in for good measure.

But according to the results of a Nielsen group survey (which we admit, we're a little bit late jumping on the bandwagon for!), we are all desperately craving one name - and that name is Gucci.

One in five of the 25,000 people questioned for this poll named it the number one luxury brand they would like to buy from if money wasn't an issue.

Interestingly, different regions displayed quite different preferences with Chanel being the top pick for the Chinese, Hong Kong and Filipino shoppers loved Louis Vuitton, Russians chose Christian Dior, the Japanese prefer Hermes and Latin American consumers picked Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent as their top brands.

What we at Catwalk Queen are interested to know is which luxury brand does your heart so desire? Please vote in our poll!