74605660.jpg First Victoria Beckham models for Marc Jacobs' spring 2008 ad campaign, then there is news that she will design a collection of £1,000 frocks for a department store, and now there are reports saying she approached by US TV network Fox to host her own fashion reality TV series. Set to be titled Fashion Nightmares, the show takes inspiration from Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, with Beckham helping style challenged individuals and giving them a fashion makeover. So basically, doing what Trinny & Susannah have been doing for years. 'They want her to visit some boutiques and beauty pageants in real backwater towns and to try to whip them into chic shape,' a source said. 'A couple of A-listers have recommended her, saying her humour and knowledge has yet to be fully explored.'

Beckham's new contacts in America must be really paying off. Would you watch Victoria Beckham host 'Fashion Nightmares'?

[source - image from Getty]