awang79492650.jpgUniqlo is supporting a new round of designers for its Designer Invitation Project with spring 2008 capsule collections set to be designed Juliana Jabour, Alexander Wang (pictured right), Tim Hamilton and Loden Dager. "I [am happy] to continue this extremely successful initiative for Uniqlo," said Yuki Katsuta, president of Uniqlo Design Studio New York. "I am confidant this season will be just as successful as the past seasons." The Japanese owned chain of fast fashion stores will release collection for each designer in the coming months, with the first collection set to be Jabour's dresses, then in May, Wang's colour block dresses and Dager's bright men's seperates. WWD is reporting that the collections will be priced from $29 to $79, with each collection to feature 8 looks. The young designers follow in the footsteps of Alice Roi, Philip Lim and Lutz & patmos to design capsule collections for the brand.

[source - image from Getty]