At a recent press day, I remember being surprised how many of the clothes I picked off the rails for a closer look came from the Twenty8Twelve line by Savannah and Sienna Miller. I'd always thought loving this line was akin to liking Jessica Simpson shoes...then I remembered I actually own a pair of (rather fabulous) Jessica Simpson shoes so perhaps I should give the Millers the benefit of the doubt too. Though pricey, the line is a lesson in well-made simple chic. The high-waisted trousers (£175) don't have as long a crotch as appears in this photo and would probably look better on a slightly curvier figure (joy!) and the cropped tuxedo jacket is beautiful in the flesh. Though it'll still be a while before most of us have £100 to throw away on a t-shirt or £400 on a jacket, I will say I was pleasantly surprised to find the quality of this line was more Prada than Primark, and it didn't just rely on the name.