80275092.jpgHeather Mills... you have some 'splaining to do... And I'm not just talking about that whole throwing-water-over-your-ex's-lawyer incident either.

On perhaps the most important day of her life, the former wife of Sir Paul McCartney, decided to rock up to the settlement day of her divorce hearing in this disaster of an outfit.

Why? Who really knows, but the Telegraph's Hilary Alexander believes she might have the answer.

Apparently, Miss Mills has taken to making her own clothes. According to her agent in Los Angeles, she is ignoring the skills of leading designers in favour of doing it herself.

If true, I'm surprised that this awful display of colour panelling didn't offend the court completely. Take note of the half-blue, half-tan coloured waistcoat, matched with a similar jacket, not forgetting the one green sleeve, worn all on top of a red shirt. Goodness knows how the trousers escaped this multi-coloured mess, but I'm sure glad that they did.

What do you think of her self-styling efforts? Do you rate it or hate it? Tell us below!