stuartveverssettlesloewe.jpgThe always-sunny Stuart Vevers seems to be settling in well at Loewe. The former Mulberry chief designer has chronicled his first few months as creative director at Loewe for the Telegraph.

In his diary entries, which begin from July 2007, when he was appointed in his new role at Loewe, Vevers relays his early thoughts about leaving Mulberry.

"I genuinely loved Mulberry, but in the end I couldn't say no; I think I would have regretted not doing it more than if I took the job and it didn't work out."

On making the move from London to Madrid, where the Loewe headquarters are based, he writes:

"The move from London to Madrid was another reason I took the position. I had lived in Paris [designing handbags for Givenchy and Louis Vuitton], London [Mulberry and Luella Bartley] and New York [Calvin Klein], so the prospect of a new city was very attractive."

Proving that he has given himself 100% to the new role, he adds:

"I am not sure of my e-mail address yet and don't have a British mobile any more. I have given myself entirely to Madrid."

From taking Spanish lessons to his first presentation in Paris, click here to read the rest of Vevers's diary entries.

Emma Hill replaced Vevers at Mulberry earlier this year. She took over the role after Katie Grand, former editor of Pop, resigned from the job early.

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