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We're covering bright colours today but over at Shiny Style they're all about the nautical. They've picked out some key looks from the catwalks for us so if brights are a bit too perky for you read what our US style sisters have to say:

Nautical is nothing new, but there is something new in nautical. Every spring and summer blue and cream horizontal stripes crop up everywhere from the runway to the L.L. Bean Catalog. Women have enjoyed dressing like sailors since boating became recreational. So how have designers reinvented the trend this spring? Read on.

Above are a few of the more streamlined, chic interpretations of the trend. These boating looks are definitely designed more for yahts than sailboats and would fit in better on Skorpios than in the Hamptons.

Jean-Charles de Castelbjac added some lighthearted elements to his look, with a large anchor graphic masquerading as a stripe down the front of a skirt and a gold anchor patch on a shrunken blazer. Chanel had one of the most polished interpretations, and also one of the most American - not that we have the monopoly on stars. But when you combine them with stripes... And that brings us to all-American Tommy Hilfiger, who brought us one of the most attractive sailor pants. Albeit long skinny gams are requisite to pull off his skinny-leg style.

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If there's anything the monied mavens lounging on yachts know, it's how to do high-end casual. Think Jackie in jeans on a boat, not Nicole Richie cruising melrose. Pulling off a rich yet casual look is one of the hardest things to do, but this look from Jean-Charles de Castelbjac shows how it's done. It's luxe yet devil-may care pairing a rumbled graphic tee with a nautical pencil skirt and funky accessories. At middle, Loewe keeps things clean and classic with rope detail - bread and butter to boaters. And finally Philosophy has the most modern interpretation combining two sleeve styles, and jumbling together several stripes.

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And lets not forget accessories - the easiest way to add a nautical spin to a look. Chanel did it up right by adding a port hole window to a classic quilted bag, and trimming a blue canvas sandal with red patent leather. For a more neutral take, Loewe continued its theme with more rope elements.

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