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From left: Balenciaga, Duro Olowu, Stella McCartney
We've got an exciting week of trend rundowns this week, starting off with floral. This trend started off as a whimsical backlash against the tough-chic trends from last autumn with Scarlett Johansson 's images for Louis Vuitton but it wasn't long before Nicolas Ghesqière at Balenciaga had added an edge to the whole look. His gladiator sandals and armour-like silhouetted outfits have featured in nearly all the fashion mag's editorials recently. Duro Olowu's outfit shows how to approach floral if you're a flower-phobe, while Stella McCarteny's look is pure blossomy indulgence. See after the jump for more catwalk looks.

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From left: Eley Kishimoto, Kenzo, Paul Smith.
Eley Kishimoto's dress proves floral doesn't have to be fey and Kenzo take the tweeness down a notch with more gladiator sandals. Paul Smith's outfit shows that mannish khakis are a great match for a floral shirt, adding wearability but keeping the breezy summer feeling.
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From left: Luella Bartley, Sonia Rykiel, Anna Sui.
Luella's punky floral dresses were a big hit with Kimberly Stewart who wore head to toe Luella at H&M's Regent Store launch, big prints reigned at Sonia Rykiel and Anna Sui showed us how to revamp those tea dresses from a few years back with a few tough accesories.