social20fash.jpgWhat is better than shopping? How about shopping and then telling people about it? Or shopping with other people? Or showing off what you've bought to other people? Or putting outfits together before you buy them, just to check they'll work together? Anyone who said fashion doesn't translate well onto the internet is a fool, because with the piles of amazing web 2.0 websites devoted to our favourite subject launching every day, getting involved with the world of fashion has never been easier. Here are just some of our favourite user-generated or interactive style websites, for when you're bored of commenting here...


I can't enough rave about this simple, streamlined and easy-to-use outfit generator. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a stylist, you'll love spending hours putting together clothes and accessories into themed outfits or quirky ensembles (you can even add them to your facebook profile when you're done). The software pulls items from all kinds of locations - and you can add your own - allowing you to drag and drop different items into dream 'looks' without the need for any photoshop skills whatsoever. All you need is some style savvy and spare time. Beware though, I've been a bit concerned about the amount of times I've put together a look and then been tempted to buy it all right away!


Just like Catwalk Queen, Fashion Space was created by a London College of Fashion student as a pet project in between classes. And just like Catwalk Queen, it caught the attention of media pros who saw its potential. Still running in Beta but already gaining the attention of folks all across the industry, fashion space is the MySpace of the fashion world. It's a little easier to navigate and less artsy than rivals like Iqons, and it has the added bonus of allowing members to buy and sell through the site. Sign up now to be in on the secret before it becomes too big and nasty!


Good pals of ours and pioneers in the world of fashion social networking, OSOYOU is a UK-based social shopping website that allows you to link up with like-minded shoppers, share your favourite items, list the stuff you love and interact to help each other find the perfect clothes, accessories and beauty products. The drag and drop hanger on the right of the site is a brilliant idea and allows you to temporarily store stuff you spot as you're browsing. The site takes a bit of getting used to as there's so much to do and see, but it'll soon become your ultimate online shopping partner.


The most slick and stylish of the many social bookmarking tools available to fashion fans, ThisNext allows you to share your finds with the world, create wishlists and recommend products to fellow fashionistas. I love the addition of little 'stickers' that you can use to label products, and other users can vote your mini-reviews 'smart', 'funny' or 'useful'. There's also a great ThisNext blog and loads of interactive content. The core user base is extremely savvy and devoted to the site, meaning you'll always find interesting stuff to bookmark, even just from the homepage.


Taking street style and style diaries to the next level, stylemob is a friendly and brilliantly designed community that allows you to post pictures of your outfits and hair / makeup online and let other people comment and vote. The best bit? No negatives - the only bad thing you can vote an outfit is 'not for me', which is much more polite than 'I don't like it'! Collect style points by voting yourself and inviting people to join, and you can win prizes in a monthly raffle. Join other people's 'style councils' and add friends to be inspired by other people's fashion savvy.