ShoWest, the Motion Picture Industry Concention, came to a close last night and the star line up at the award ceremony to close the festivities was black. Or rather most of the stars in attendance were wearing black. Kate Bosworth wore a simple black dress with sheer sleeves - with her whole look a lot more toned her look down from the other day. Anne Hathaway, who won the Female Star of the Year award, wore a dark purple grecian style dress with embellishment detail near the hem and bust. Meanwhile Sarah Jessica Parker won the Vanguard award, citing Woody Allen as her inspiration, was in a black mini dress with black tights and two strings of pearls around her neck. I'm not sure about her beige pumps, they just look a little clunky with the outfit. For me, Kate Bosworth was the best dressed out of these three women, who was your best dressed?

[Images from Getty]