sjpvoguemayissueannieleibovitz.jpgCan you really feel the momemtum for the Sex and the City film building? Can you?

What better way to get the promotional wagon rolling (like the SATC flick needs any more promo!) than by getting Carrie Bradshaw on the cover of US Vogue's May issue.

Sarah Jessica Parker was photographed last week for the cover by Annie Leibovitz (pictured right with SJP). But she hasn't had an easy time of it, first Sarah took a tumble and had to be helped to her feet by assistants, then she and Chris Noth (aka Mr Big) were hit by a giant wave while being snapped on New York's East River.

From the pictures I've seen so far, expect to see her in a gorgeous boucle skirt suit and, of course, a couture ballgown. Can't wait to see the spread!