She may have had her fair share of frock horrors, but no one can deny Miss Amy Winehouse has a style all her own. Aside from Karl Lagerfeld, who has previously cited Amy as an inspiration for his work, another designer who has apparently sat up and noticed is Roberto Cavalli.

According to reports, he has offered her a lifetime supply of his clothing in return for the singer wearing his designs to events and gigs (lucky gal!).

Cavalli is said to have been referred by his close friend Victoria Beckham, who recently told media she digs Amy's style. "She's very much a fashion icon and I adore what she wears. She's so unique and original," raved Posh late last year.

Although the deal is yet to be confirmed, Amy's rep has not denied the rumour, saying only: "Amy is considering many offers at the moment."

[source / Images: Getty]