Whether or not you agree, Beth Ditto has fashion admirers. There was even those rumours about a Topshop collaboration, then a range for New Look, but all remained just that - rumours. Now it appears that quite a legitimate fashion collaboration could be on the cards for the vivacious songstress. At Wednesday's Fash Bash, Henry Holland revealed to The London Paper that he not only adores her style but that he is considering working with her.

"In terms of collaborating, I absolutely love Beth Ditto," Holland said, while hosting his new club night at Mo*vida.

The pair met at the Brits last month, when the Gossip star wore one of Holland's jumpsuits (see image above). The eye-popping all-in-one featured in his autumn/winter '08-'09 collection and bears his signature motto.

"She has a unique style of her own," he added.

It seems a likely partnership, with Holland known for his youthful, edgy street pieces and Ditto unafraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to her own wardrobe. Could this be the opportunity that finally sees Ditto put her name to a label?

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