alexandermcqueenpetanysmall.jpgPETA protesters have crashed a special catwalk show in New York on Wednesday night, hosted by Alexander McQueen.

McQueen's show was disrupted by two PETA members who ambushed the catwalk with placards with blood-red paint which read: "Fur on your back, blood on your hands," before being tackled by security guards and taken away.

The animal activists were protesting about the British designer's use of fur and "intentional use of fox heads and bird skulls."

"McQueen's macabre designs might be intended to titillate, but they simply nauseate," said PETA president, Ingrid Newkirk. "There is nothing remotely 'fashionable' about the torture and death of animals killed for something that a cave person would wear."

The private show was scheduled to present 38 looks from McQueen's autumn/winter show at Paris Fashion Week (pictured left). But according to The Daily, the audience was "so enraptured that an interruption by PETA seemed almost staged."

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