Trust Marc Jacobs to keep the fashion pack on their toes. Closing Paris Fashion Week, the creative director for Louis Vuitton once again started a show uncharacteristically on time (after managing the same feat a few weeks back in New York) and had all the glam fashion mavens - big-name editors and stars such as Dita von Teese, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kanye West - actually running for their seats. Now wouldn't that have been a sight to behold!?

In contrast to last season's in-your-face colourful cartoonish-ness, the fashion press is in agreeance that, this season, Louis Vuitton is all grown-up and exuding a new air of sophistication. Playing around with volume and structure, the collection gives off a rather futuristic vibe and does so beautifully in pastel hues and luxe winter fabrics.

Origami-like folds and pleats highlighted the hips in a big way (and yes, we mean that in a literal sense!) with both tulip skirts and balloon-leg trousers creating an exaggerated hourglass figure.


Apparently taking his inspiration from quirky film The Royal Tenenbaums, Jacobs said after the show he had created this collection to fulfill his "French fashion fantasy".

"It's something we've been working towards. I wanted this idealized form, the kind of show I always imagined was typically French. It's not about any one era specifically. It's about shapes and silhouettes and working with folding and draping, which can apply to any time," he told media.