sweet valley high vintage retro outfit.jpg
We love a bit of Sweet Valley High nostalgia at Shiny Towers, and we hear that publisher Random House is dragging the twins out of the '80s and re-releasing the series this month in the US complete with fancy new covers. I love the old covers, check out the hilarious one above, is Jessica really going to get off with a moustachioed weirdo? Come to think of it, is that even a real moustache?

I want the twins to stay where they belong: firmly in the '80s, which is why I've created a vintage-tastic tribute outfit of colourful jeans, boat neck top and bright sandals. A plastic barrette and gold chain carry on the '80s theme and not forgetting the important purple component -nail varnish, to denote membership of the unicorn club. See after the jump for full product details.

'80s multi top, Rusty Zipper Vintage: $19.Green jeans, American Apparel: £40. Plastic bow hairclip, Copacetique: $5. Sunbeam sandals, Peppermint Vintage: $19. Scissors chain, Naughty Secretary Club: $16. Vivid purple nail varnish, Barry M: £2.95.