annsofiejohanssonvows.jpgWith a new creative director on the horizon, H&M's Margareta van den Bosch will be bowing out on a high note.Van Den Bosch announced in January that she would be scaling back her duties, passing the reins over to head of womenswear Ann-Sofie Johansson, who has vowed to continue H&M's solid success.

"I want to continue Margareta's good work," Johansson told WWD. "My goal is to continue to develop it and to improve things. We can always be better at what we do. I think we can always be more exciting and inviting for customers."

The 44-year-old was hired in 1990 as a design assistant, working her way up the ranks to womenswear design.

"We both love fashion," said van den Bosch. "That's what we have in common."

But there's no denying that Johansson will have some pretty big shoes to fill. After all, van den Bosch was the one responsible for getting some of H&M's biggest designer collaborations off the ground, including Stella McCartney, Madonna, Viktor & Rolf and most recently Roberto Cavalli. And there's already another designer collaboration in the pipeline, set to be launched this autumn.

"It will be something completely unexpected," van den Bosch confirmed, withholding any further details.

Intruging... Perhaps it will be something similar to their recent Marimekko project? So with a new creative director sparking a new era beginning, what can we expect will influence H&M's design team?

"Celebrities set the trends now. That and what's going on the street," van den Bosch said.

"Kate Moss is still another influence," added Johansson. "Rihanna is another, as is Chloë Sevigny and models like Agyness Deyn. Our costumers aren't interested in [catwalk] designers. They look at celebrities."

[Source / Image: H&M]