katemossstalkerfears.jpgKate Moss has revealed fears that she is being stalked by two women.

The supermodel is reportedly convinced that she is being watched after she noticed a blue Renault Clio outside her home in Little Farringdon.

"I'm really scared... I think they are stalking me. There always here doing nothing. It's freaking me out," she told close friends.

When pals approached the two girls, they claimed their car had broken down, but after the sixth time they were spotted, Moss became concerned.

"Kate has thought about calling the police, but they can't be prosecuted for just sitting on the road. It's started to get really unnerving," a source told the Mirror.

Friend and actress Samantha Morton appeared in court this week to confront the childhood friend who has been accused of stalking her. Moss is currently on her way to the US with boyfriend Jamie Hince . No doubt, she will be hoping her pesky admirers will be gone by the time she gets back.

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