lagerfeldcover.jpgOh joy! Count Von Lagerfeld has been getting on his soapbox about weight again. Though it seems he has learned a little from the time when he complained about his H&M designs being made in big sizes, he's still courting controversy. In an interview in the March issue of Hong Kong magazine 'Prestige', Lagerfeld was asked for his views on the size zero / skinny model debate. His response?

""This is a subject I won't discuss. You know why? In France there are a large percentage of young girls who are overweight and less than one percent are skinny. So let's talk about the 25 percent who have a weight problem, or are overweight. We don't need to discuss the less than one percent. Anorexia is nothing to do with fashion."

Lagerfeld does have a point in one respect. Obesity is becoming an increasing problem worldwide. But do people really want to listen to Lagerfeld - a man who went from overweight to super slim in order to fit into Dior Homme suits - tell us fashion doesn't have anything to do with anorexia? You tell me!