It's a grand day if you're on the old job hunt right now. Some golden opportunities have sprung up for those with a keen interest in fashion.


First up, fancy looking after a toddler full-time as well as a supermodel? Kate Moss is said to be 'desperate' to find a replacement for her personal assistant, Fiona Young, who up and quit on her after seven years on the job. The Daily Mail reports that she is set to leave at the end of this month to have a baby.

"Kate has been saying her life will spin out of control when Fiona leaves and she does not know how she will cope," a source told the Mail.

Based in New York? Then you might be keen to learn that Topshop US is now hiring for its brand new store in Soho. Staff vacancies are already opening up for both Topshop and Topman, click here for more info.

In either job, think of all the Kate Moss for Topshop threads you can get your hands on...