isntitromanticrodundies.jpgWhile George Clooney continues to deny that he's making the leap into fashion, rocker Rod Stewart has been busy creating his own fashion line.

The 63-year-old crooner has launched his own range of clothing online which consists mostly of the typical merchandise clobber - t-shirts and hoodies. Only there is one slight exception - the 'official Rod Stewart panties' available for just £2.50... ooh la la!

Tabloid reporters managed to dig up the racy pants which are shiny black, emblazoned with hearts and the words 'Isn't it Romantic?' from his hit-song. Hmm... pass!

If, for some reason, this appeals to you, then have a gander at what else is on offer at Rod's official online store.

What else can we really expect from a man who once galloped about in spandex and still thinks big-haired mullets are socially acceptable?