I'm still mourning the fact Polaroid recently announced they'll be discontinuing their iconic instant camera and film. A personal favourite of mine for travelling, there's nothing quite like the murky, dark graininess of Polaroids to truly capture a moment like no other camera can. (Also bear in mind murky, dark graininess = totally flattering photos!)

But however heartbroken I am about this piece of news, I'm sure the fash pack - model agents, photographers, editors and stylists alike - will be ever so slightly more gutted (just slightly, mind you). Whatever are they going to do without their trusty 'Roids?

Polaroid technology has been used by the fashion industry for decades. Think of the agent who discovers a new model on the street, the stylist who snaps their handiwork in order to recreate it later on for a fashion show, the fashionista who sticks the little white-framed-wonders on her shoe boxes to identify what's inside, or the photographer who does a test shot before using up valuable negatives.

Then there are the photographers who have built up their entire career on Polaroid photography - most notably, Jeremy Kost. The New York native, who has snapped every mover and shaker in the business from Bono to Marc 'n Posh, sums up our affection for the little box of joy when he says: "The ability to hold a unique moment in your hand, that one original, just can't be replicated."

True. So, so true.

He is, however, dealing with his loss quite admirably (possibly because the value of his work could be about to skyrocket), telling media: "There is actually something really great about the notion that there is only a certain amount of the film, and they are eventually going to run out.

"The body of work I've amassed will be something really special and really finite."

What a trooper.

Although Polaroid declared they have stopped manufacturing, there will be enough film to continue selling through 2009. But if you're a fan, it might be a good idea to start stockpiling now!

[source via Fashionista / images: Roidrage.com]