I remember reading Cecily von Ziegesar's first Gossip Girl novel years ago and likening it to the film Cruel Intentions. The much-hyped TV show, which finally started last night on ITV 2, seems to have a lot more in common with The O.C than the Sarah Michelle Gellar flick, however. It's glossier, brighter and far less sinister than I expected it to be...after all, who can really truly believe a character who insists on wearing alice bands so often is as back-stabbingly brilliant as Blair?

Like a certain other New York set glossy drama, this show lends a lot of its success to a very savvy wardrobe staff. Each character has a distinct look, from Blair's fussy frilled collars and ribbons to Serena's 'I used to be a bad girl, that's why I'm wearing a leather jacket' look. Jenny, of course, has no money so must sew her own dresses, and Dan wear black a lot, because he's an outcast, see.

One episode in it's hard to see whether this is a show that will grab the UK in the same way it's grabbed the US. In pictures Blair's uber preppy look didn't appeal, but on tv she looks softer than I imagined. Only an hour in, I'm still more amused by the real names of the assorted cast members than their on-screen personas, who right now are far too likeable compared to the books.

I may be poking fun at the moment, but after a few more episodes (and a lot more costume changes) I'm sure I'll be hooked just like the rest of you. Or maybe I really am too old for all this now?