georginagoodmanbondst.jpgGeorgina Goodman has her eyes firmly set on Bond Street. The famed shoe designer is opening a flagship store on the luxury street, in addition to her store in Mayfair.

It's hard to believe that Goodman launched her footwear label just five years ago.

Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, with a ready-to-wear collection launched in 2003 that has grown into four annual collections and a range of 20 non-shoe items.

"There's such a lot of history and kudos to Bond Street, and there aren't that many independent labels on it," Goodman told the Independent.

"It's all owned by about 10 people, practically. In fact, I think there's nobody on Bond Street that's been going for just five years and is an independent retailer."

If anyone can do it, then it's sure to be Goodman.

  • Georgina Goodman's new flagship store opens 12 April at 44 Old Bond Street, London W1.

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